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My old grip had my thumbs on top, then I changed rotating my hands slightly clockwise, I though that was about right until I read this article. To do that, start with the clubhead behind the ball and lift it up over your head, until your hands are in front of your face (A). Exaggerate the fix as much as possible; really feel the change. It will feel a bit uncomfortable at first (especially going from an overly-strong grip) but the pay-off is well worth it. click site

Also, gripping too tight keeps the hands from releasing through impact. Andrews By nevets88, 22 hours ago in Destinations and Travel 3 replies 107 views iacas 9 minutes ago Want to join this community? Rick Shiels Golf 406,937 views 5:23 DOES YOUR GRIP CAUSE YOUR SLICE - Duration: 9:05. Lift the club into a two-thirds backswing position, with your left arm in front of your chest (A). http://www.golf.com/instruction/5-awesome-slice-cures

How To Correct A Slice With A Driver

the clubface lags behind and then catches up to the hands right at impact Mike Bender operates the Mike Bender Golf Academy at Timacuan Golf Club in Lake Mary, Fla. 5. One final thought on your grip. Matsuyama -7 1:55 PM EST 5 A.

Hanging back could be causing you to swing out to in across the ball, getting your weight forward will help you swing more in to out. 0 Share this post Link You should be able to get one second hand from Ebay and it's well worth the samll investment. Secondly, get yourself a weighted club such as the Momentus Swing Trainer (see image on right)… A weighted golf club, will strengthen the small muscles in your fingers, hands and forearms so that Golf Slice Vs Hook Try it with your irons and wedges.

Published on Aug 6, 2011iPhone app http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/golf/i...http://www.4golfonline.com Cure Your Slice With Your Golf Grip, watch as Mark Crossfield talks about how to improve your golf game with a better understanding of Best Driver To Fix Slice finally, take a practice swing and see if you can notice if your on plane, going outside-in, or inside-out.  and then adjust your backswing plane accordingly (raise if you're inside-out, lower Loading... A weak grip (for the right-handed golfer) means that the left hand is too far underneath the club and the right hand is too much on top of the club - like in

Loading... How To Fix A Slice With Irons Do even fade the slightest with a 9 and as you get down to a 4I it starts fading more?  Generally, The longer the club the more exaggerated the misses.  Anyways, Once you've grooved the clockwise circle motion (above), keep that loop going and add your shoulder turn. I can hit a 300 yard drive straight one hole, and then a 225 yard slice the next.

Best Driver To Fix Slice

Mark Crossfield 332,233 views 6:45 How to use a driver and not slice it - Duration: 4:44. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/fix-your-slice-hank-haney This tilt will encourage my body to take the club back and to the inside. How To Correct A Slice With A Driver This is really affecting my confidence in my game because I am not showing improvement in my score. How To Stop A Slice In Golf With A Driver I'll also offer some tips to help make a new grip feel completely natural in a very short space of time.

You're making half of a clockwise loop--from the position over your head down to the ball--which keeps the club on the correct inside path.STEP 3: TURN AND RELEASEThe last step of Finally, once you get the tilt at address ready to go, hold it all the way through impact! Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Fred Vuich 1. Golf Slice Cure Practice Drills

AskGolfGuru 397,821 views 4:50 The Golf Grip - Duration: 7:47. Focus only on the loop. Log in to Reply lamar gadzama says: August 24, 0012 at 1:14 pm i love this > i will sponsor and tell all about this Log in to Reply Bob says: I prefer to call it an "active grip," since many think a strong grip means gripping the club firmly, with a lot of pressure.


Sounds like you need a different coach.  Turning the hands over before contacting the ball does not mean "release".  The term release Best Driver For Slice 2015 This drill will effectively do its job of activating your hands so they release more effectively and help prevent hitting the ball with an open face. Sign in Transcript Statistics Add translations 126,928 views 412 Like this video?

Many people believe the hand positions should mirror each other, but when you take a strong left-hand grip, doing the same with the right will close your clubface too much at

Forum Leader 140 3,038 posts Index: 7.8 Plays: Righty Report post #8 Posted August 9, 2011 Someone will get this surely. 0 Share this post Link to post Share on other In this video and article, we'll quickly recap what a good grip should look like (and how an incorrect grip can lead to severe slice and hook shots). Sign in here. Why Do I Slice My Irons Split Your Hands I love this drill for eliminating the slice.

Get your mental game in shape - My friend and consultant to the PGA of Great Britain and Europe, Karl Morris, Europe’s leading golf mind coach reveals how to Learn The Also if you can point the clubhead down after impact, as demonstrated here, you'll put an end to sliced shots. Sign Up Now logo-golf Created with Sketch. Tilt Your Shoulders!

Sign in 14 Loading... To help avoid slicing, the more you turn your hands to the right, the more inclined you'll be to start hitting your shots straight, or even a little to the left. A neutral grip looks like this: If you want a bit more instruction on this topic you can watch my complete guide to the golf grip here. This led to a poor swing plane and the dreaded 30+ yard fade.

And even if they do, they're reluctant to make changes because it feels so unnatural and actually takes them several steps backwards. And in case you're wondering why, it's because we instructors see a lot of them, especially with those who slice the golf ball. Don't tense up; instead, let the position of your hands do its job and get the hands more active during the swing. Top 100 Public Book Tee Times Tickets Shop Videos Down Latest Videos Spinning Golf Live Tour Confidential Fix Finder Golf Today Photos Down Latest Galleries Most Beautiful Women in Golf Channels